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A question we are frequently asked when providing a carpet quote is: do I need carpet underlay?

So we have compiled this small information section on the pros and cons of having underlay fitted


The Pros:

Carpet underlay can help your carpet to last longer and wear more evenly

Decent underlay provides an extra layer of insulation to keep your house warm

Carpet underlay acts as a acoustic / sound barrier

Carpet underlay can also absorbs furniture marks left in carpets

Underlay will help to even out un even floors

Underlay fitted will make a carpet feel more luxurious and softer under the foot

Carpet underlay is also a great idea if you have small children it can help cushion the blow when they fall

The Cons:

Underlay is a added cost on top of your carpet and fitting

If you don’t have any suitable existing gripper rod fitted this is another small expense

If you did not have carpet underlay fitted before your doors might need trimming / planing at the bottom due to the underlay making the carpet thicker


Different types of underlay:


Rubber carpet underlay

Rubber waffle carpet underlay comes in different qualities, colours and prices  this is a traditional underlay which most people are familiar with


PU Foam carpet underlay

Foam carpet underlay is relatively light to move about, easy to cut and fit and can give a real quality feel to your carpet. Often it is cheap to buy. And this is because it is usually made from recycled materials, so this has cost savings at the manufacture stage. The prices and thicknesses vary we favour this type of underlay due to the value for money and durability

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